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professional technical services

The company was established in Egypt, in 2016. years of working experience, our company had many challenges and big achievements.

After gaining experience in factories, we established a company in Serbia on 2024 which is specialized in relocation of industrial machines equipment With complete linkups: Makers-packers-reservoirs-case packers, etc. Maintenance service, installation, overhaul, Production support and OJT Training. We also do format changes and modifications accompanied by a specialized workshop, which also has more than 10 years’ of industries experience.

OUR Services


Dismantling, Installation and Start-Up, Whether it’s a new factory or the expansion of existing operations, we get the project.


Thanks to our technical talent pool composed of highly experienced and skilled machine and process specialists, we can help you effectively eliminate your machine related issues and meet your challenging performance targets and project objectives.


Empowering your staff through training and development. Through our comprehensive training, Professional is offering operating and technical…


Our operational support services are designed to fill the gap of understaffed factories, and cover your short- and long-term organizational support needs, which may arise due to the introduction of new production lines, growth in market demand, vacation period, etc.


Professional offers a variety of customized maintenance programs and strategies, developed for common needs of the any industry

machines modifaction & size change format

We have developed a comprehensive industrial machine rebuild process that ensure the best possible result for our customers. Inspecting your machine and providing you with a realistic assessment of the amount of work involved and the time needed.

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Quality Standards

We’ve dedicated ourselves to provide the best international standards
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Smart Solutions

Entrepreneurial spirit, which aims to improve manufacture field with innovative ideas.
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We are Passionate

We are passionate about our clients satisfaction and our work exceed their expectations .
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Professional Team

We have been following up personnel satisfaction through a survey reviewing the opinions

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Deliver on Time

Project timelines have varying importance in the workplace, We do best to deliver on time.
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Smart Ideas

Complete control of information allowing project teams to stay up-to-date and informed every step



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